Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Technique Tuesday- Gift Card Holder

I needed to make ... no not really but I felt inclined to make some gift card holders. Having never made any before and being to lazy to get directions I decided to just make my own directions up, of course I'm sure they are similar to others out there and I thought I would share my version with you all.

I started with an 81/2x11 piece of paper and cut a strip at 3 5/8 x 8 1/2. I scored at 3 3/8, 4 1/4, and 5 1/8.
After you have made all 3 score lines bend the center line up and the two on either side down to create a peak.

Flip your paper over so that the peak is facing down and run a strip of tape on the inside edge of the outside score line. Do not put any tape on the inside of the center line or you won't have a place to slide the gift card into. Believe me I tell you this from experience.

Fold the two sides together and it should look like this.

Line up the binding of the card to your ruler and make a mark 1/8 inch in on both sides.

Take your Word Window punch and with the end on the outside of your 1/8 mark punch. Do this on both ends to create your slot for the gift card.

It should look like this after you have punched down the inside of the card.

Slide your gift card in and you are all set. Of course after I made up a few of these I changed my mind and decided I wanted them to be tea bag holders so I decreased the slot length and it worked out perfectly. So what do you think?


Kasie Hamman said...

Awesome...love it! Thanks for the dimensions. I should go try one. I've never made one either.

PamE said...

I wondered how you got that slot for the gift card so perfect on those cards! I have that punch, another use for it, yea! Thank you for showing us the way.

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