Monday, July 21, 2014

Convention Display Boards - Hispanic Night

 One of the events I usually attend is Hispanic Night.  It's always a fun time and this year was no exception.  The following boards are the examples they used for the Hispanic boards.

 The next couple are some of the 3D ideas they shared.  The one on the right use one of my favorite sets that can only be found in the Hispanic catalog; the set is called Quinceanera.  In real life they were extremely sparkly and were amazing!!

During the event they had a little contest that was quite funny. Each of us started a card and then passed it on to the next person when told and then you had to add something to the card.  We passed it around several times until the time was up. The picture below on the right were the cards that my table mates and I created.

 One of the other activities we did was spending a little time to Salsa and Cha Cha and let me tell you I have definitely have two left feet!!  It was a ton of fun though!! 

Happy Stamping!!

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