Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Technique Tuesday - Polished Stone

It's time for another Technique Tuesday. But first I wanted to share with you a bit of Stampin' Up news. Starting on December 9 and running through the 23rd you can receive free shipping on orders over $70. But that's not all today they also released the retired list and for the first time they are offering 10% off the retired sets. I'm quite happy that only one of my sets went on the retired list not like it really matters since I keep all my sets!! You can find the retired list on my sidebar just click the golfing stamp.

So anyways back to stamping I did up some Christmas cards a few weeks ago using the polished stone technique and figured this would be a good to show. Just an FYI since I've already shown you how to emboss I skipped that step here. I stamped several snowflakes on my glossy cardstock with clear embossing powder.

You will need to start with the following supplies rubbing alcohol, glossy card stock with your embossed image, (at least) 2 reinker colors preferably one light and one dark, and a cotton ball.

First dip your cotton ball into the rubbing alcohol don't soak it just a dab. Then drop your ink colors in a random order on your cotton ball where you have the rubbing alcohol. Do this with both colors or however many you picked.

On your glossy card stock dab the color randomly over it covering the entire piece.

After you have covered the paper rub off the excess ink that is over your embossed image using a Kleenex.

It should look like this. Tomorrow I will show you the cards I made. Happy Stamping!


Kristin said...

This is why I need to buy glossy cs!! I love this idea :-)

Jennie said...

Lovely technique, such a pretty result...thanks for the tutorial.

Tammy said...

Nice job.

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