Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Technique Tuesday - Flap Scrap Card - updated measurement

As promised I said I would show how to make my Flip Scrap Card. So here we go!! Oops I had a measurement wrong that has now been corrected.

Start with a full sheet of 12 x 12 paper of your choice. You are going to cut it at 5 3/4. So you will have two pieces one 5 3/4 x 12 and one 6 1/4 x 12. If you are using patterned paper that needs to be a specific direction pay attention to how you cut your paper so your pattern doesn't end up side ways.

Score your 6 1/4 x 12 piece at 4 and at 9.

Score for 5 3/4 x 12 piece at 3 1/16 and at 8. (The picture shown is this piece.)

Crease the folds you made for both pieces.

Tape together so that the center pieces line up do not tape down the flaps. The flaps should not be the same size. If don't want you ribbon to show on the inside do this step after the ribbon notches are made and you have threaded the ribbon on the top paper only. My original piece has it as an accent on the middle inside piece.

Fold all sides in until you have the card shape. You will then use your slot punch on the edge of your paper at around 2 1/4 up from the bottom. You can't quite see it in the picture but I only went in halfway.

Depending on the size ribbon you use the will have to slide a bit up from that slot and make a second punch.

Do this on both sides and it should look like this after.

Thread your ribbon through the slots.

This is how your project will look before you decorate it up. If you don't want your ribbon to show on the inside this is where you would tape down the second piece.

I will post a picture of this finished project later this week!

I hope you found this tutorial helpful and not confusing. If I missed something or didn't explain it well enough just let me know. Happy Stamping!!


Angie Williams said...

Looks awesome! I will have to try to attempt one!

Hope said...

Great Tutorial! It looks great.

MsAP143 said...

Thanks for sharing!
I will definitely have to try that technique!

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MsAP143 said...

By the way.... here's the actual link to the site I mentioned yesterday...

I really think you'll enjoy it! :)
And keep up the GREAT work!
Keep posting those techniques!!!

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