Friday, January 22, 2010

A Quick Birthday Card

Well it's been a snowed filled few days!! We have gotten several feet of snow in just a span of a few short days .... I believe about 5ft so far and it is still coming. I'm telling you I am sooo glad we invested in a snow blower last year or there would have been so way to shovel all this snow. The picture on the left is my back yard and the one on the right is the play area behind our yard. If you look closely you can see about 18 inches of snow on the birdhouse.

I did get a chance to go out with a few friends for lunch to celebrate their birthdays! Lately it has been hard for us all to get together. Here's one of the cards I made:

This card can be made in less then 10 minutes!! My king of card! I used the stamp set Bitty Birthday, it's just too cute of a set! I wanted to to be nice and bright since it's so gloomy with all the snow. I had another card but I forgot to take a picture before I sealed it. Anyways Happy Stamping!!

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