Monday, March 22, 2010

Demo Get Together and Blog Award

The other day a bunch of friends, who are also all demo's got together to have a day of stamping fun and boy was it fun!!! Especially getting together with Marti who came up from Washington and I hadn't seen since Convention '08!! So over the next week or so I'll show you all the creations from our shoe box swap.

This first one was from Judi and forgive me because I can't remember if she said this one was inspired by someone else or not.

I love this card!! First it uses the Beautiful Wings Embosslit die from the mini catalog which I just finally got mine! But the colors go together perfectly ... the DSP is from the Sweet Pea pack that is also in the mini catalog. Well actually just about everything is from it, it is a great mini!!

I got this awesome blog award from Nita and you can see her blog here. As part of the rules I have to mention 7 things about myself and then pass this award to 15 other bloggers:

1.) I don't work where I live and I hate to drive! Good combo huh!!
2.) I am a huge procrastinator!! I am always waiting until the last minute!
3.) I am rather unorganized at home but at work I am super organized.
4.) I could totally be a hermit.
5.) I'm not a people person; another surprising thing when you consider my real job well actually everything I do.
6.) I collect things ... hence my stamping addiction.
7.) I love the outdoors and all the season we get in AZ.

Here's who I'm passing the "Beautiful Blogger Award" to:

Brandi - - I wish I could be as cool as her!!
Renee -
Cindy -
Ilina -
Shelley -
Jennie -
Traci -

I was supposed to pick 15 but I'm short on time so I will try to add a few more later on.

Happy Stamping!

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