Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cub Scout Shirts

As some of you know I also a leader for a Cub Scout pack and one of the activities boys had to do this month was to make a simple stencil and use it on a T-Shirt. So I took the Elegant Trio stencil and used the Fluer-de-lis, after all that is the main emblem for the Scouts. I had the boys trace it onto a stencil sheet which they cut out to use on their shirts.

Some of them came out a little wonky so we used the original to stencil on their shirts instead and sponged on the paint. We used a metallic fabric paint so that's why you see the glittery effect in the picture. After that we wrote their names over the Fluer-de-lis. The boys had a lot of fun AND the now have a class b uniform they can wear. Happy Stamping!


Heidi Baks said...

Good idea! I didn't know cub scouts craft.. LOL

J said...

This is awesome! my DS is in scouts too, and of course, they're always looking for fun projects to do!

thanks for the great idea!

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