Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bloggin' Rock Star - AKA Brandi Wiggins - Cote

When I first started blogging I would always check out this blog called The Squareheadedstamper that was created by Brandi. I would check it everyday and I still do!! Brandi is a blog Rock Star in my book!! She has a style that is all her own and is very cool! She has always been on my list of someone I wanted to meet .... only problem is she lives in Canada and I'm in the bottom part of the US. Well this year be both were at convention so guess what?? Yup I finally got to meet her!!

LinkThis is a pic of us before one of the general sessions. She is just as cool in person!!

Here she is doing a presentation during the opening night kick off party!! I love this picture (not sure if she will)!! As you can see we take stamping very serious!! Ha!

Here is her very own name up in lights. How cool is that?! AND she did a fabulous job!

Here are a few of her projects!! Each of them is awesome!! One of her signature things is doodling along the cards and she told us during her presentation that no one can mess up doodles but I can tell you mine never come of as cool as hers!! When I first saw those doodles of hers I thought is was a stamp ... that's how good she is at making them!! She also gave me one her cards which I still need to take a picture of and post ... I think I'm gonna frame it, it's that cool! Anyways Thanks Brandi for being so freakin' awesome!! Happy Stamping!

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Beedubya said...

Aw, Carmen!! You're too sweet. It was so great to finally meet you! I really hope it wasn't a one-time event. I'll be going again in 2013 so I'll be looking for ya!

xo B.

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