Friday, September 12, 2008

Decorative Planner

I was slightly bummed that this year Su! didn't do the wrapping paper again but since I horded several rolls of it last year I felt safe in making this little project. I took the standard planning calendars and covered it up. It is a simple project and takes very little time to get done. Simple and quick is what I am all about!! I think it came out real cute and those of you who received it as a gift I hope it was handy!!


Traci G said...

This is so pretty! I was a little bummed too that there was no wrapping paper this year. You were smart to save some!

Carol Matthews said...

I loved those wraps too, and was looking forward to this years as well. :0(
Your planner is really sweet - smart of you to stock up last year!

sarahw said...

Your planner came out very pretty, I can even go out a limb a nd say elegant.

prayerandstamps said...

This is super cute! What a great idea

PamE said...

Great job! We do love our stashes of goodies, don't we all.

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