Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Technique Tuesday - What Not to do

I've been getting questions regarding the Big Shot and about it's compatibility with the cuttlebug embossing folder. Since I own only one cuttlebug embossing folder I figured I would use it and try it out. I used one cutting plate, the pre made sandwich and a cardboard slip as my sandwich and I do have to say it works superbly with the folder. Look how nice the impression was. (sorry about the blurry pic) So for those of you who were wondering yes it does work!

So I thought I would try it on the brass stencils and see how the embossing worked. For my sandwich I used the same as above but added foam underneath the cardstock. It also made a nice clear impression BUT make sure you put the cutting plate on top or you get this......

not so good for your brass template if you don't. My Big Shot tried to suck up the tmplate and I just about had a coronary. Thanks goodness I was able to fix by running it back through with it upside down and now it's perfectly flat again.

Today is my wedding Anniversary. We've been married for 4 years now, been together for 14. My husband is very supportive of my addiction. He actually encourages me to buy stamps. But anyways he came home today with this. Aren't they beautiful!!

Later tonight we are going out to dinner. I think he's pretty wonderful!!


Brenda said...

Oh WOW! That brass template looked like a goner! I'm glad you were able to fix it! Consider yourself a pioneer... you have paved the way for those of us not brave enough to experiment with our brass templates... until now... that we've learned from your lessons and know exactly how to do it! LOL TFS! BTW, belated Happy Anniversary! :)

PamE said...

Hummm... note to self, not to use brass templates in BigShot if I ever go out on the limb and get one. More toys that I got to have gee when will it stop.

As for the Anniversary, Hubby gets a at a boy for doing well. Congrats you guys, love ya!

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