Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Technique Tuesday - Big Shot

My little one has been fascinated with my big shot. he thinks it is super cool to use it, mostly because I actually let him use it without hovering over him when he does. This machine is so easy to use and pretty much fool proof unless you are using a brass template .
My little one did help with this tutorial. To make your sandwich when using a original die start with one cutting plate, your die foam side up, cardstock, and clear cutting plate.

Turn handle so that your "sandwich" rolls through the Big Shot.

That sounds a bit funny ... good thing it's not a real sandwich. Anyways ...

Once you have it cut out attach it to your card. Happy Stamping!

1 comment:

Laura Brown said...

Great tutorial. I bet my kids would have loved this tool when they were younger, too. They love my carl cutter and crop-a-dial.

Can you see a p&b sandwich going through the big shot? Eew! I'm sure someone's kiddos will try this eventually! Ha. Ha.

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