Friday, August 8, 2008

I'm a Display Board Celebrity

... well I'd like to think I am. I actually had a project make the display boards at convention!! I was way excited to see it up on the wall. Of course it took me until the last day to notice it was even there!! I decided to take a couple of pictures of it and I have to tell you I am a FANTASTIC photographer!! You'll just love to see all of convention shot blurs and all! How's that for memories ... maybe if I was drunk it would look perfect. I did manage to get one decent shot of it in the grouping it was in. So here it is

It is the planner hanging in the upper right side. Those of you who belong to the SuFriends group should remember this planner as it was the one I made for you all in our Christmas Gift swap. I sent this project in for a contest last year at Christmas time, I didn't win but at least it was kept.

If I would have brought my real digital camera ... my fabulous SLR D80 from Nikon I wouldn't have pictures of my planner that look this. Believe it our not this one is much more in focus then others I took. But I didn't want to lug around my "real" camera so these blurry pictures are just going to have to do.

This was definitely one of my favorite projects I made so it was a pleasant surprised to see it up in lights!!

1 comment:

PamE said...

You just need a no shudder button on your camera...LOL. Super fantastic for making it to display at convention.

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