Monday, August 18, 2008

Projects and random thoughts...

Just wanted to share with those of you how were unable to attend my open house the projects we made. I am really surprised on how these turned out as I wasn't really lovin' the new in colors but now I have completely changed my mind even kiwi kiss!! Everyone seemed to really like all the projects especially the clip.
My friend Sharon tagged me from her blog Trails and SNAILS so here are 7 random thoughts:
1. Most people are surprised to find out I am sooo not a people person. I could easily be a hermit.
2. I am contemplating taking an online photography class.
3. I find listening to the TV to be quite annoying.
4. Will the painter's ever be done painting our house??
5. I got my new SU Toys and I haven't even taken them out of the box.
6. My dog tried to run away TWICE today.
7. I love the rain!!
I'm supposed to tag 5 other's but everyone has been tagged already. I know what a party popper I am but at least I participated. So instead I will share 5 of my fave websites.
BECAUSE I SAID SO - I have visited this site daily for the last year. - Also a laugh but totally love her stories about how she met "Marbolo Man"
Stampotique Originals: Penney Torrente - I love these unusual stamps from Torrente
Stampin' With Markie's Mom - she has some super projects of things I would love to make if I ever had that much time
My life...just not on the road I expected (but it's still dang good). - she teaches the photography class I want to take.

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