Thursday, August 21, 2008

Creative use for Post It's

Post it's always seem to make it into many of my 3-d creations. I think it's because they are so easy to use and you can come up with a million different uses for them. I made these cute magnetic post it holder for a workshop last month. I liked them so much I made 20 of the for convention swapping. Can you believe it took less time to make these then the cards I made, even with cutting out of the flowers. I got the acrylic frames for a 25 cents right after Christmas, (I know it's amazing that I actually took them out of my stash to ACTUALLY use) they had a little bow glued to the front of the frame that I took off. So what do you think?


Angela Dively said...

magnetic photo frames...what a great idea!!

thanks for sharing...and sparking my creativity!

PamE said...

Too Cute! Great quick gift idea, you always come up with super stuff.

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