Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sunflower and a Tag

I have many favorite things and sunflowers are definitely one of them.I own just about every stamp Stampin' Up has made using a Sunflower and any other's that I've seen. This was another card I had made for my Secret Sis a bit back. You can't tell to much in the picture I always say that you would think by know I would have figured out how to take better pictures but the sunflower is coated in pearlx making is sparkle just a bit. Sometimes I have an aversion to white so I dirtied up the edges some.

So what do you think?

I've been tagged by Marie. I haven't done this on before and thought it was kinda neat. Basically the rules are open your 4th picture file and upload the 4th picture. So this is mine:

Wow!! I can't believe how clean my desk was. It sure hasn't looked like this in forever. Plus I've changed the set up a bit. I know keep my stamp pads in air tight containers. So know I have to tag 4 people so .... Jennie, Michelle, Frenchie, and Saxontoy. Happy Stamping!


Marie said...

Glad you had fun playing! That's neat that you love Sunflowers - so do I!!!!!

Stephanie said...

very pretty card and "neat" stampin space!

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