Thursday, August 5, 2010

Display Board Surprise!

Now I knew I would have some of my projects show up on the display boards since I was a display stamper BUT I had no idea I would have cards on the other boards as well. I am such a dork too because as I was looking through them at convention one really caught my eye and it took me a minute to remember it was my card!!!I know a shame huh!? Anyways here are some of those boards and a link to the post of that project.

My card in this one is four up from the bottom right and over one to the left. You can see the card here in this post.

In this board it is the third card up from the bottom right and one to the left. Click here for the project.

This one is the fourth one down from the left and over to the right four. This was the cute little door hanger I made at Christmas time as a gift swap I was in.

This next one is the one on the top left, the scrapbook page. I tell you I was quite tempted to bring that page back home with me!!!

Five up from the bottom left and over one to the right! Another Vintage Vogue card.

It's the 6x6 scrapbook page almost center. That was another one I thought about taking back!!

And this one is three down from the left and over one to the right. The project can be seen here.

Hope you all didn't mind me sharing!! And there are a ton of ideas on each of the boards and if you click on them you can see them all better!! Happy Stamping!

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