Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Technique Tuesday - Decor Elements

Yesterday I showed you my countdown calendar for Halloween so today I thought I would show you how to apply decor elements.
First thing you do is what I call warming up the Decor Elements image. You do this by just rubbing on the back side of the image, this will be the side that looks like contact paper with the grid on it. Rub for about a minute or so, longer if you and a large image.

Peel off the backing, I found if you keep it at a tight angle it peels well. If you find a piece is sticking to the background paper lay it back down and rub on the back again then continue to lift.

Place your DE on the surface where you want it. Once you have it in place just rub over the image.

Pull the second backing away from the image. Remember to pull at a tighter angle. Once you have that all peeled back you are all done.

Using Decor Elements is pretty quick and simple, just my style. This process took maybe all of 5 minutes.

A couple of other tips: the image and second backing are sticky so if you place it wrong you can readjust as long as you do the movements quickly, when readjusting don't hesitate and peel off in a quick and fluid motion or part of the image will stick and then you have a mess. Remember not to touch the actual image it won't stick properly if you do. Do make sure the area you are applying the image to is clean and dry. You can apply to just about any surface, just keep in mind if the area is not smooth it will be more difficult and take a bit more work. People have used them on walls, vehicles, picture frames, vinyl, windows, doors, motorcycles, fabric, wood, containers, refrigerator, mirrors, the possibilities are endless. Lastly have fun!

If you want to see the finished project it is in the post from yesterday. There are many different images now and a second line with lots of added colors. You can check them out on the picture link located on the right hand side of my blog. Happy Stamping!

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